ENED partners meet on December 14th 2011 in Warsaw

On December 14th 2011 the ENED partners will organize their next management meeting in Warsaw.  This meeting will focus on countries' portals and their portal environment in the broadest sense, with the aim to bring all portals to a commonly accepted service- and security level. This will pave the way for secure online/real time data exchange and mass deployment between ENED partners on the short term. Next steps will focus on providing a provisional replacement certificate (PRC)  based on real time insurance verification for those EU citizens, applying for health care in a fellow Member State,  who are unable to identify with an EHIC or an eCARD, submitted by an ENED member. 

The day after, the ENED meeting will be followed by the kick off of a new project, funded by DG EMPL, concerning real time service extensions for EESSI. Most ENED members, completed by some other partners, join this project as well.