ENED partners meet on October 7th 2011 in Brussels

On October 7th 2011 the ENED partners meet for their first formal conference in Brussels. In the meantime partners from 7 countries (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland) signed the ENED agreement framework, and committed themselves to continue providing the NETC@RDS services for at least 2 years in a self sustainable way. Some partners from other countries are still considering their participation.
One of the main topics on the agenda is ENED's work program for the next period. Moreover service improvement- and extension are addressed.
Apart from members, who signed the ENED agreement, members of the advisory board will join. Some representatives of former NETC@RDS partners will join as an observer.
If you are interested to join as an observer, please contact ENED's president John Stevens (+3146 4 595 662 or john.stevens@cz.nl)) for more information.