ENED continues NETC@RDS services

NETC@RDS as a project, co-financed by the European Union, arrived at its term on June 30th 2011. Main project objective was to carry out experiments to test the feasibility of cross border online/real time insurance verification in the health care sector, based on the EHIC and on eCards, used in some Member States as ID, providing access to health care.
Out of the 17 participating Member States, 7 of them decided to continue providing the NETC@RDS service and to transfer the project experiences and the infrastructure, set up during the project phase, to a self sustainable business model.

For that reason, the continuing partners set up a network, called ENED (European Network for Electronic Data exchange in the health care sector). Partner's commitment is formalized in a cooperation agreement, aiming at:
- continuation of the current NETC@RDS services from July 1th 2011
- development of the service portfolio, taking into account European initiatives like EESSI and 
projects, supported by the EC,
- sharing knowledge and experience in the field of electronic data exchange in the European Health 
Care sector

Apart from members, providing online/real time services, the ENED network is open for organizations, industry partners and individuals that support the goals of this network. They can join as associated partner.

An alternating presidency is responsible for coordinating the ENED network, starting with John Stevens, representing the Dutch partners CZ and VECOZO. 

Contact person: John Stevens
Address: PO Box 90152,  5000LD TILBURG, Netherlands
Phone: +31464595662
Fax: +31464580666
E-mail: john.stevens@cz.nl

Website: http://www.cz.nl