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ENED partners meet on February 10th 2012 in Brussels

On February 10th, 2012 the ENED partners will organize their next management meeting in Brussels. The aim of the meeting is to explore which portals comply with the ENED preconditions and can make the transition on the short term, from a pilot based data exchange, towards online/real time data exchange, based on full deployment in a daily routine.

ENED welcomes MEDTEL from Czech Republic as new member

MEDTEL, previous partner in the NETC@RDS project, has decided to join the ENED Framework Agreement. MEDTEL will host the Czech portal and provide access to VZP (the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic). With this partnership the continuation of the service for Czech insured, applying for health care in a fellow Member State, is safeguarded. Moreover citizens from fellow ENED Member States, applying for health care in the Czech Republic, will be provided with online services as well.

ENED to get a new website

ENED (European Network for Electronic Data exchange in the health care sector), the network continuing the work of NETC@RDS is to get a new separate website dedicated to presenting news & activities of the consortium. The website is expected to go live early February.

ENED partners meet on December 14th 2011 in Warsaw

On December 14th 2011 the ENED partners will organize their next management meeting in Warsaw.  This meeting will focus on countries' portals and their portal environment in the broadest sense, with the aim to bring all portals to a commonly accepted service- and security level. This will pave the way for secure online/real time data exchange and mass deployment between ENED partners on the short term. Next steps will focus on providing a provisional replacement certificate (PRC)  based on real time insurance verification for those EU citizens, applying for health care in a fellow Member State,  who are unable to identify with an EHIC or an eCARD, submitted by an ENED member. 

The day after, the ENED meeting will be followed by the kick off of a new project, funded by DG EMPL, concerning real time service extensions for EESSI. Most ENED members, completed by some other partners, join this project as well.

ENED partners meet on October 7th 2011 in Brussels

On October 7th 2011 the ENED partners meet for their first formal conference in Brussels. In the meantime partners from 7 countries (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland) signed the ENED agreement framework, and committed themselves to continue providing the NETC@RDS services for at least 2 years in a self sustainable way. Some partners from other countries are still considering their participation.
One of the main topics on the agenda is ENED's work program for the next period. Moreover service improvement- and extension are addressed.
Apart from members, who signed the ENED agreement, members of the advisory board will join. Some representatives of former NETC@RDS partners will join as an observer.
If you are interested to join as an observer, please contact ENED's president John Stevens (+3146 4 595 662 or for more information.

ENED continues NETC@RDS services

NETC@RDS as a project, co-financed by the European Union, arrived at its term on June 30th 2011. Main project objective was to carry out experiments to test the feasibility of cross border online/real time insurance verification in the health care sector, based on the EHIC and on eCards, used in some Member States as ID, providing access to health care.
Out of the 17 participating Member States, 7 of them decided to continue providing the NETC@RDS service and to transfer the project experiences and the infrastructure, set up during the project phase, to a self sustainable business model.

For that reason, the continuing partners set up a network, called ENED (European Network for Electronic Data exchange in the health care sector). Partner's commitment is formalized in a cooperation agreement, aiming at:
- continuation of the current NETC@RDS services from July 1th 2011
- development of the service portfolio, taking into account European initiatives like EESSI and 
projects, supported by the EC,
- sharing knowledge and experience in the field of electronic data exchange in the European Health 
Care sector

Apart from members, providing online/real time services, the ENED network is open for organizations, industry partners and individuals that support the goals of this network. They can join as associated partner.

An alternating presidency is responsible for coordinating the ENED network, starting with John Stevens, representing the Dutch partners CZ and VECOZO. 

Contact person: John Stevens
Address: PO Box 90152,  5000LD TILBURG, Netherlands
Phone: +31464595662
Fax: +31464580666


New version of the NETC@RDS Business Plan - Managerial Version (1.2)

You can now find an updated version of the NETC@RDS Business Plan - Managerial Version:

NETC@RDS enhances service deployment

321 Service Units and 618 Service Points: these are the relevant numbers of the service deployment accross Europe achieved until May 2011. Amongst the last implementation, additional 5 Service Points have been launched in Slovakia in the town of Kosice at University Hospital Luois Pasteur.

New NETC@RDS Service Points in Slovakia

New service sites have been recently launched in Slovakia at the Railway Hospital of Kosice (Železnicná nemocnica s poliklinikou Košice) and the University Hospital of Bratislava – Ruzinov Hospital (Univerzitná nemocnica Bratislava – Nemocnica Ružinov). Two events increased the impact of the new service sites start: the 75th World Ice Hockey Championship 2011 in towns Bratislava and Košice and the synchronization with the epSOS project ( activities in terms of usage of the Slovak NETC@RDS solution for the authentication of health care professionals and for the identification of patients.

NETC@RDS for eEHIC Final Conference

NETC@RDS 10th Anniversary Conference
“NETC@RDS: sustainable services for cross-border citizens mobility"
The NETC@RDS 10th Anniversary Conference took place in Budapest on 10 May 2011 during the traditional eHealth Week 2011( 
In the mature stage of the initial deployment phase, the NETC@RDS project results have been presented to a wide audience of European and national healthcare stakeholders.
Introduced by MD András Jávor, Secretary of State of the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources and Paul Timmers, European Commission DG INFSO, the conference has addressed the long path carried out by the project from pioneering towards the sustainability of the proposed service (Noël Nader GIE SESAM-Vitale, Project Coordinator) also focusing on the business reasons and contractual arrangements as a basis for a full deployment. A panel of users representatives (NFZ Healthcare Insurance – Poland, AOK Baden-Württemberg – Germany, European Georges Pompidou Hospital – Paris – France) discussed on users expectations, opportunities and lessons learnt for the continuation of the NETC@RDS service.  

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