External links with Smart Card and Telecom industries are of vital importance for ensuring a wide deployment of the NETC@RDS services. The collaboration between the project consortium and industries is established through the eHealth Observatory Network & Board of Business and Standardisation Partners devoted to increase partnership with standards and industry organisations.

Participation to the Observatory Network is open to all industries willing to cooperate for achieving the project objectives and to enhance the adoption of electronic health smart cards through Europe.

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Envisaged or Provided added-value services


NETC@RDS smart card reference development & promotion


NETC@RDS smart cards, reader, and secure server development & deployments

Standardization management and follow-up, taking into account the NET@CARDS requirements and constraints

Siemens Informatica

NETC@RDS deployments within the hospital environment


Card terminal device compliant with NETC@RDS service points requirements